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a fat cone spliff (marijuana and tobacco). The thing about a splerv dervish is it has to be smoked by a couple of fucks.
"i want hot fresh donuts for my babyfat, and some splerv dervish to go with my taint"
by ausm Bullocks August 14, 2011
a moderately sloppy, hairy fat man with a heart of gold and a love of cheese (A Dom DeLuise type fuck). Usually can spend about 45 minutes to an hour sampling cheeses at a gourmet market.
"That plane trip to the keys last month was a bitch. The guy sitting next to me was a sloppy fuck. A real Chez Furblur, ya know?"
by ausm bullocks September 15, 2011
Observant people who are welcoming to others while tripping balls on mushrooms. Mainly someone who takes a lot of mushrooms.
"alright boys, lets eat these mushrooms and walk around town being a couple of shreembangers
by Ausm Bullocks May 23, 2011

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