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What pussy-whipped guys call their girlfriend/wife.
I'll have to ask the missus if I can join you and all the blokes for a boys night out.
by auscanman February 18, 2010
An absolute crap sport that sissy metrosexual guys who are useless at all other sports play, along with women, most of whom are again lacking in athletic ability. The only skills required in this game are the ability to throw a frisbee, and run.

In many cities in Canada this joke of a sport is monopolizing public fields that should be available for practices to those who play on teams in serious sports leagues (soccer, rugby, football, Australian rules football, Gaelic football, etc.) Ultimate frisbee teams have used the sexism card to monopolize these public fields, arguing that since their teams are mixed sex, they should get priority over the single sex teams in these other sports, the vast majority of which are male. If you confront them and suggest there should be equitable distribution of the time of said field, one or more of the metrosexuals involved will have a hissy fit.
My Australian rules football team could no longer practice where we used to because the ultimate frisbee metrosexuals managed to convince the politically correct Toronto City Hall that they should get to use the field whenever they please, solely because their teams are mixed sex.
by auscanman April 05, 2010

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