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Mac users who think they are better than people who use PCs, and think they know everything about Macs, but in reality don't know much about anything and just like feeling superior to others.

Windows User in Mac Lab: "Dude, this is so annoying, every time I touch the sides of the mouse it keeps spreading all of my windows out."

Mac User: "Oh, here you can turn that off in System Preferences. Let me show you."

Mactard: "HAHA! The PC has made you dumb. Expose is the best thing to grace this planet, you just don't know how to use it cause you're dumb!"

Windows User and Mac User: "STFU ALREADY DUDE."
by Aune February 20, 2009
A wannabe Japanese person, or someone who is entirely obsessed with anything Japanese. Also known as a Weeaboo. For some reason, they've gotten the idea that Japan and the Japanese are vastly superior to any other culture, including their own. Wapanese have most of the following characteristics:

1. They parade around public places drinking Ramune and eating Pocky, telling everyone within earshot that it's Japanese and oh so good.

2. They buy only Japanese clothing through the internet, or they buy cosplay outfits off of ebay and wear them during events such as Halloween, or even worse, during any day of the year.

3. They claim to be "teaching themselves Japanese" but only know a few words and spell/pronounce them wrong.

4. They use online translators to translate their MySpace profiles to Japanese, so that none of their friends can read it and they can feel smart/superior. Should someone who actually understands Japanese try to read it, they wouldn't understand it either because it was done through a cheap ass translator.

5. They get offended and make excuses (I was tired, I have bad spelling, "whatever") when someone who actually understands Japanese corrects their bad grammar/spelling/pronunciation.

6. They only listen to Japanese music, and worship Japanese bands and singers as if they were gods. They also spend hours at a time watching videos of their favorite Japanese bands "being funny" on YouTube.

7. Their rooms are filled with Japanese things like stuffed animals, Samurai swords, anime, manga and games. Their bedroom walls are covered in pictures of Japanese bands or characters from manga and anime.

8. They name all of their pets after Japanese band members, anime and manga characters.

9. They are obsessed with and chase after Japanese boys and girls, but always fail to get with one.

10. They claim they want to move to and live in Japan, and act as if they are superior just for making that decision.

11. They ask everyone to call them by their Japanese name.
The Wapanese will swear off anything that isn't Japanese. For instance, if you offer them a headphone to listen to some of your music.

Wapanese Kid: "No, I only listen to Japanese bands."

The snottier they sound about it, the more Wapanese they are.
by aune February 09, 2009
When a couple becomes bored with their relationship and begins to constantly "hang out" with a "friend" together and thinks this friend is the coolest thing ever. Both people in the relationship crush on the friend, usually unknowingly at first. A third wheel crush requires at least one bi or gay person on the couple's side.

As Kit Porter from the L Word says, it's dangerous business.

If you identify yourself as the third wheel crush in a friendship, get out of it fast. It usually leads to one of them cheating with you, a threesome that goes nowhere, or lots and lots of screaming and blaming you for destroying what they had.
Friend #1: "John and Mary text me every day asking if I want to go over to their house and hang out. And then each of them will invite me to go eat out without the other being there, like they're taking me on a date. If they weren't together I'd think they both had a thing for me."

Friend #2: "You're in the middle of a third wheel crush, man. Nothing good can come from this."
by Aune February 23, 2009
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