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A racist term refering to the color of a tanned Native American hide that is often used by ignorant individuals who believe the work to be totally innocent.
"Don't call me a redskin, motherfucker!"
"What? It's true...your skin's as red as the blood on my injun scrotum tobacco pouch!"
by atwavirus September 19, 2005
noun - you; your friends.
Go find a mirror, dork. Better yet, turn off your computer and go get a life.
by atwavirus August 21, 2005
This word doesn't mean anything to anybody that counts as a person. It is below slang. It is a non-word. It is most often used by people attempting to look cool instead of just stupid.
"Let me see that janks."
"Shut up, dumbass."

"That janks was awesome."
"No it wasn't, and neither are you."
by atwavirus April 16, 2007

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