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To sneak into a house and live among its occupants without their knowledge. People who attempt this are referred to as phrogs. Phrogs try to respect the house’s inhabitants as if they were roommates, by not breaking or taking-although mooching food is sometimes necessary for survival. Phrogs rarely stay in a single house for more than a few days as the fear of getting caught settles in. Then it’s usually time to move on and the phrog will hop to a new pad. Phrogging can be attempted solo or in groups.
Anna hated working for a living, but needed money to survive. For years she worked her ass off so that she could watch her hard-earned money disappear as she payed her ridiculously high rent and bills. Then she heard about phrogging and decided to sneak into some of the oversized houses or McMansions in the suburbs. Now she enjoys her afternoons sipping tea and reading while the homeowners are out at work all day.
by attic fan July 13, 2006
People who attempt to sneak into houses and live among the occupants without being discovered. Most phrogs see themselves as “invisible roommates” and try to respect the homeowners or renters by not breaking or taking—although mooching food is sometimes necessary for survival. Phrogs may be recognized by the green string that some of them wear on their wrists.
Anna keeps a list of houses that are good for phrogging and shares this information with other phrogs.
by attic fan July 13, 2006

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