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1) A person so deep in thought he appears to be stupid.
2) A lesbian or 'dyke'; an unemotional person.
3) An actual wall inspiring wonder; a TV or PC screen.
4) A term never coined by the band Oasis.
5) A term with myriad definitions this century.
1)"What's he doing? He's, like, wondering about the paint on the walls, or something, you know? A really dumb dude. A wonderwall."
2)"Why won't she date you? Dude, she's a dyke! A wonderwall, you know? Holds back the waterworks. Real stiff upper lip."
3)"Did you see the Wonderwall (TM) for sale at Target? I'm so buying one. It's got high-def."
4)"Did you hear that Oasis ripped off that song 'Wonderwall' from some old British arthouse flick?"
5)"Um, what do you mean by 'wonderwall' exactly?"
by attaboy40 June 19, 2012

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