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A group of women who band together under a greek letter title. Often based in traditions, many sororities have rich histories. The girls call themselves sisters, and tend to have close friendships. Upon entering the sorority, each new member is assigned a "big sister" who will be her mentor and friend, ideally forever. As in any group of women, sometimes the sisters are catty, bitchy, slutty, partiers, nerds, prudes, or just average hard-workers.
-I wish I could meet more people!
-You should come check out my sorority!
by atomic_poppy May 04, 2004
to give bad luck
Look, you're almost at your top score this time!
Dude! Don't talk about it! You'll Jinx it!
by atomic_poppy May 04, 2004
Someone who's sibling, parent, aunt or uncle were in a sorority or fraternity.
-Dude, I'm thinking of pledging AXP.
-Didn't your dad/uncle/brother pledge AXP?
-Yeah, I'm a legacy


-My mom/sister/aunt was/were in Tri Delt, Tri Sig, AST, and Alpha Gam. I'm a legacy in 4 sororities!
-Wow, aren't you special.
by atomic_poppy May 04, 2004
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