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Uptown Manhattan, where numbers are used to define streets, not names. Everything above 14th street, more or less. Meaningless jive area, doesn't need to exist.

Everything except New A-Town in Manhattan is "The Numbers"
Guy one: I ain't goin all the way to fourty-deuce, I am staying away from the numbers.

Guy two: Word, screw them. New A-Town pride!
by atomic jerk December 21, 2005
Dutch Colonized New York (and then some, up to 14th street). From "New Amsterdam".

Opposite of The Numbers
Let's stay in New A-Town, screw The Numbers.
by atomic jerk December 21, 2005
Originally derived from fourty ounces, bitchin' 40 is something that one says if he/she is very enthused about something, or can be used in place of any adjective with a positive connotation.
1) Hebru: My parents gave me $300 to buy food at my birthday, which means that we can get krunk'd.
Hobo: Bitchin' 40!

2) A woman opens up a christmas present from her husband, they are diamond earings.
Woman: Oh, Frank. I love them, how bitchin' 40 of you.
by atomic jerk December 04, 2005
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