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An awful suburb in north Atlanta. Lacks any sense of community and has a snobby feeling to it. People here drive nice cars, and you won't be hard pressed to find a Bentley or Rolls-Royce driving beside you. The people here are generally fake and try to one-up their neighbors by buying the newest car, rings, or send their children to elite private christian schools. Plastic surgery is very common on men and women over 35. Gated communities are on every corner and shield multi-million dollar homes which eventually will go into foreclosure. Suwanee is a very genuine and caring city… my ass. Suwanee is beautiful and has very nice parks and landscaping, nice homes, and cars, its the people that make it worse than it should.
Carter: Hey do you want to buy that new Porsche to one-up our neighbors new Range Rover?

Amber: Yeah! Let me go grab Daddy's credit card!

Carter: Yay! I love Suwanee!
by atlantaaaaaa7095 February 24, 2013

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