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facts about Craig Ferguson:

He is the Late late show host on after Letterman.
He tells the same jokes every night, but their still hilarious.
He is much shorter in person than you'd think.
He has a really bad warm-up comedian.
He likes to get really close to the camera.
He likes to hit the side of the camera.
He broke a camera during a show once.
He has the same guests on all the time.
He used to have a really cool sound effects machine and email jingles.
He is Scottish
Craig Ferguson is Betty White's bitch.
#craig ferguson #cbs #its a great day for america #prince charles #aqua man
by atianafiorella July 22, 2009
the perfect blend of sex and nerd a band could ever have.
consists of:

Super hot Damian Kulash who sometimes sounds like a girl.

Not as hot, but still pretty good looking new guy nicknamed Rusty.

Tim Nordwind : Band Mascot

and Dan Konopka. no one really cares about Dan.
me: I'm going to an OK Go concert!
them: Who are they?
me: The band that danced on treadmills
them: Oh yeah! I didn't know they did concerts?!
me: fuck you.
#damian kulash #tim nordwind #dan #rusty #andy ross
by atianafiorella July 22, 2009
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