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Someone who will follow anyone on Twitter just to boost their numbers, regardless of who it is.
"Jane Doe is now following you on Twitter" Who the eff is Jane Doe, damn twhore.
by athalonius May 19, 2009
Someone whose name contains only letters from their last name.

Someone with a "non-mainstream" name.

Sometimes confused as a made up name, not given by parents, but in reality it appears that parents were just trying to be clever.
Athlan Lathan is like Brian Nibra or Justin Nujsti

The name Athlan is the anti, Bob, Bill, Steve, Brian, etc.
by athalonius February 02, 2010
Someone on Twitter who picks people at random to follow, in hopes of boosting their own numbers
Your man Steve is such a "Random Follower" look at him following another 1,000 people that he has no interest in what they say or do. He is trying to boost his numbers.
by Athalonius November 04, 2011
"Twitter Jacked" is when someone copies your tweet instead of re-tweeting, therefore, you don't get the credit.

If you are doing the stealing, then you are "Twitter Jacking"
You gotta be kidding me, I was just "Twitter Jacked" by 123starblizzy, he copied my tweet and passed it off as his.

by Athalonius November 04, 2011
"Twitter Jacking" is when you copy someones tweet instead of re-tweeting, therefore, not giving them the credit.

If it happens to you, then you have been "Twitter Jacked".
I hate 123starblizzy, I'm going "Twitter Jacking" and copying his tweet, people will definitely think it came from me. Also known as Twacking.
by Athalonius November 04, 2011
Non-celebrity, that follows very few people on twitter, but allows anyone to follow him or her.
Look at her, she has 100,000 followers, but only follows 3 people, what a twease.
by athalonius May 19, 2009
Twank = Twitter Skank. They follow everyone and anyone on twitter in hopes of that person then following them to boost their numbers. Also known as a Random Follower!
Jane is such a Twank, she followed another 1,000 people today and has no interest in any of them.
by Athalonius November 04, 2011
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