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Stretchy pizza. The emphasis falls on the doughy nature of a badly prepared pizza, allowing for it to be stretched. Not to be confused with the quality of cheese separation.
Last time I call in an order that close to closing time. That petrazzini almost made me hurl." "No offense to your Grandma, but that petrazzini had a yeast infection!" "Waiter, can you take this petrazzini back, turn the oven on, and bring me back a pizza?
by atarishark August 17, 2010
When two desperate people are stuck in a relationship held together by only the sad nature of their lives and the fear of never finding anyone else.
"Hey, who's bright idea was it to set Chad up with Amy? Talk about a desperationship gone wrong."

Mason's desperationship with Marla was sadder than a Mid 90's mix cd.
by atarishark September 01, 2011

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