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When the man/woman tickles the area of intersection between the top of the ass and the lower back of the other man/woman with their tongue. This creates the appearance of an apple when the scenario is viewed in profile where the ass is the apple and the tongue looks like a leaf oscillating in the wind.

Commonly used as foreplay before commencing to toss the salad.
{applies to them faggots as well}
"Hey prison bitch, want an apple job before i toss yo salad......come hither nigger".
by ataman91 April 09, 2009
A rare medical condition resulting in the malformation of the male genitalia. Normally, one testicle will hand slightly higher up to facilitate walking, comfort and vasculature. With the anomaly however, the balls are precisely on the same level with each other forming a symmetrical "sac." When diagnosing, a urologist performs the "Testulum Test" where he/she nudges the scrotum. If the scrotum dangles in a circle then its a normal sac. If the sac dangles from side to side as a pendulum then its a Testulum.

Signs and Symptoms:

Feeling of fullness in your sac.
Pain instead of pleasure when getting teabagged.
Both balls touch the water at the same time when wading into a cold pool.
Squatting and performing the Testulum Test to impress friends and family.
Hey baby, have you ever had a Testulum in your mouth.
by ataman91 March 21, 2010

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