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What you would say to someone when you want to see the price tag of their clothing. This can only be used for really classy people who like to flaunt their $2.95 designer clothing by failing to remove the price tag.
Mary-Beth: Hey sugar
Chad: Hey sexy, show us your tags
by Astropup February 13, 2007
Someone who needs to insult someone simply because they enjoying playing the World of Warcraft online MMORPG. The person often wants to play the game however cannot because their parents wont let them or they cannot afford the $15 a month fee. They do not understand grammar and cannot spell to save their rather pathetic lives. These people are seen as complete dipshits by players of the World of Warcraft game.
wow fag: you play wow ur such a loserr and im so cool and i have sex all the time and you dont im so cool
WoW player: Sure.

also: see above as the people trying to explain what a wow fag is seem to be wow fags themselves
by astropup February 13, 2007
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