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A girls face after having relations.
Runny Eyeliner
Messy Hair sometimes greasy
Red Lips
Smeared Lipstick
and on occasion a few white spots

"Wow Sally where have you been?"

"Out... why?"

"You have a sexed face."

by astronautpen January 21, 2008
tiny particulates (when the love juices mix with lint or any type of fabric) that accumulate on the blanket under two people having sex. (usually easier to notice after the act is finished)

Rub your blanket next time if you don't believe it.
"wow we had a good one there"

"yeah we did, feel all these sex balls!!"
by astronautpen January 21, 2008
The look created on a big girls back when she wears a dress with really tight straps over the shoulders. In turn these straps create creases as they set themselves into the back fat.
"wow that girl is way to big for that dress"

"yeah look at the straps she has a good set of beef strings going."
by astronautpen May 04, 2007

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