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a pair of smelly feet owned by a little young girl
get those cheese feet of me
by astro donger May 08, 2005
some fish fingers with melted chedder cheese on top
like on the pizza hut add: is this work of a genius or MADMAN, Genius
by astro donger May 08, 2005
a boy who struggles to walk up stairs like their Mt Everest
Teacher: come on toomba you can climb those three steps can't you?
Toomba: no actually I can't and can u bring my sandwitches filled with sugar cause I'm real tired!
by astro donger May 08, 2005
a not rude version of saying jesus
cheesus christ does that pizza have a lot of cheese on it
by astro donger May 08, 2005
a jnr or snr drinking alcoholic who is beer addicted and is most likely to get his drivers license taken aeway if it hjasn't already happend
wally! where were you bot jnr and snr your a disgrace
by astro donger May 08, 2005
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