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An item or items of clothing that cause onlookers to double take as the wearer may seem naked or scantily clothed at first glance. Doubletakes are usually skintight and skin coloured to create the illusion of being naked.
I thought Suzy wasn't wearing pants when I first saw her, but it turns out she was just wearing her doubletakes.
by astra September 13, 2012
An utter loser or (more specifically) someone who fails spectacularly at a simple action. A scrumper and can be amusingly described as "someone who aims low yet STILL fails."

In software development environments a scrumper is someone who, through careless and avoidable error, brings everyone else to a halt.
"We were deathmatching and Trevor kept blowing himself up with his own grenades... what a scrumper."

"Scrumper over there just tripped over his own two feet."

"That scrumper Ted deleted everything from source control."
by Astra November 16, 2007

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