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The last of the air-cooled porsche 911's when porsche engineered things properly. UK owners generally have beards, but not as grizzly as those of the 964 owners.
993 owner: I just changed the oil on my Porsche 993.

964 owner: Grr.. I got oil in my beard while I was changing the piston rings on my 964

996 owner: my engine blew up again.
by asterix October 06, 2012
A device that is used when people need to go to the toilet either for a shit or a piss and u dont let them, u take the tatey masher and stab their belly causing them to do their business there and then.
Great Party Trick :D
Someone tells u they need the toliet, u ascort them to the tatey masher torture tool and stab them unexpectedly!
by Asterix September 30, 2005
Meaning 1. A woman born with one ball

Meaning 2. When for an unexpeted reason someones voice tone turns extremely low.
Meaning 1.

I saw this woman the other day, totally a collette.

Meaning 2. *someones talking and voice goes low* Dude u did a collete!
by Asterix September 30, 2005

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