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16 definitions by assy mcsluttyballs

some with an extremely large chin. derived from the popular talk show host jay leno
she has a leno chin
by assy mcsluttyballs December 28, 2009
13 5
when you jizz into a girls mouth, she gargles i and then spitsit back onto your penis
dude she gives a good blow but it is kinda weird when she does that salty mouthwash
by assy mcsluttyballs December 22, 2009
8 1
during anal sex you pull out and make a circle of jizz around the girl's asshole
dude i was trying new shit the other day so i tried salting the rim
by assy mcsluttyballs December 23, 2009
5 0
An overweight chick who is still extremely hot and fuckable despite being fat
i don't have to be a chubby chaser to like that sexy bessie over there
by assy mcsluttyballs December 23, 2009
8 4
when you can't decide what kind of porn to watch and/or masturbate to. derived from the word conundrum
i can't decide between big breasted bimboes the double dequel or asian cream pies. what a pornundrum
by assy mcsluttyballs December 21, 2009
4 1
to be fooled by a girl who wants you to think they like you even to the point of going with you to special events as your date
did you hear about that chris.that girl he liked went to a party as his date but just ditched him. he totally got bree'd
by assy mcsluttyballs December 25, 2009
18 16
when you use the same shampoo or conditioner you ised to beat off with to wash you hair
i had some excess shampoo in my hand so i decided to do some shower recycling
by assy mcsluttyballs December 23, 2009
4 2