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3 definitions by assken

assken is an ass man to be sure,he always starts at the bottom and works his way up, sliding his tongue into and out of every major crevice along the way to the the top where he will remain king assken for ever reigning ass the best ass licker of female ass of all time!
"assken the king of all asslickers broke me the fuck off with his ass licking abilities" said the fair maiden, go ahead, assken.
by assken December 02, 2009
is a discipline that involves arranging the definitions to fit the person in it
assken is off the hook the way he uses urbanomics to come up w/defs for words he makes up outta thin air and posts them on urbandictionary
by assken December 03, 2009
the ability to assertain the exact abilties of any given ass on any given chick at any given moment in time.(see ASSKEN)
ass ken was able to assertain the fact that she was ass friendly w/his assability,thus knowing, not making assumptions nor assuming.
by assken December 03, 2009