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3 definitions by assfucker

1. when a girl takes it up the ass even though she doesn't want to.
2. when a guy gives it in the ass to a girl, and achieves heightened sexual experience because he knows she doens't want it.
James gave submissive anal to kayla, and she didnt want it.
by assfucker May 29, 2005
101 67
when a guy gets heightened sexual experience from knowing that he is hurting a chick by giving it to her in the ass.
i hurt a chick while assfucking her. it was sadistic anal.
by assfucker May 29, 2005
40 19
when a guy makes a girl take it in the ass, and tells her to act like she doesnt want it. it makes some men feel better.
I made my bitch take it up the ass, and told her to act like she didn't want it. it was awesome.
by assfucker May 29, 2005
15 14