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a word that is thought of (when herd) to be about "Black Ops"

but actually it is to make people be embarrassed when thinking of it as awesome.
generic guy#1:"hay generic guy#2, do you like big black ops"

generic guy#2:"YAY!... no derrrr"

generic guy#3:"HA! ... you like black c**ks"
by assbj April 05, 2011
when to very close friends (bros) bump the knuckles on there hands on the form of a fist. at the time the to fists meat a small explosion followed by big bold letters that say "BRO FIST!" wile a narrator or voice says "bro fist!"
generic guy#1:"nice job takin out that noob on garry's mod"

generic guy#2:yay... wana fist bump?"

generic guy#1:"k"

they then bump fists

generic voice#1:"BRO FIST!"
by assbj April 05, 2011

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