5 definitions by ass plunder

one who always has a dirt ring around thier lips usually from
profusly tossing salad or slurping
man i saw a dirtdiggeler
at the mall
it was ernie hickey
by ass plunder May 06, 2003
when you drop a rose bud on someone that is sleeping
man i woke up with a steaming ornis on my face
by ass plunder May 06, 2003
when a persons ass has gotten a rash. The person will not tend to it, and it will swell greatly. SO much that it will form a kind of gangareine. It is in the ass, their for it is called gangass
"i was doing my dog the other day, and i couldnt keep going cause his ass had so much gangass
by ass plunder April 17, 2003
when one has sex with an ape. usually these people are very very messed up . they wear clothing that is unsuitable. like candice hudson
i saw candice doing an apeling and wanted to die
by ass plunder May 04, 2003
The act of jerking off so much that a calus develops on your penis. When taking this to the doctor the doctor will refer to the calus as an obi.
"sir, im afraid that your obi has increased in size and has begun bleeding into your sperm."
by ass plunder April 17, 2003

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