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a very funny but nonetheless stupid bastard
bastar stoopey, makin a bluddah show o me
by Aslan June 14, 2004
Bird of prey from up north, smokes heavily, wings clipped thus doomed to live forever down South with all the noncey sparrows
you wouldn't believe how much kestrels smoke nowadays
by Aslan June 14, 2004
A teeth cutting, bad-ass mutha fucka
Kiss my bad self Cha'mone
by aslan June 09, 2004
adding up department, place where addin masheens are used
That bloody Kes in finance has swiped me addin masheen again.
by Aslan June 14, 2004
colouring in department, place where dots are joined
Q: where's my highlighter gone?
A: colouring in took it.
by Aslan June 14, 2004
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