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music released on an independant label that has now somehow become a rock radio trend. it has developed its own sound. mostly weak vocals backed up by uninteresting repetitive music. lyrics are the usually the strong points in this music but dont make up for the lack of passion and energy.
dont go indie, listen to music that involves more ball stomping
by askogofidifof123 August 18, 2006
Easily the worst band of all time, which is a bold statement. and im not just saying that because I like ranting, i just couldn't help myself. they are a good inspiration for becoming a rockstar because if they can do it, then i dont know how the fuck you could fail. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!. and as a lover of music I'm greatly offended.
say no to three days grace. go listen to music by artists who put in an effort and make an art out of what theyre selling to you. support bands with ambition, passion and skill in what they do. and for fuck sakes stay away from muchmusic/mtv
by askogofidifof123 August 18, 2006

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