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1. (noun) A band consisting of many talented individuals who try to compile decent music that contain subliminal messages about the world and how vicitimized they and their listeners are, but in the end when the lyrics and music are put together they create a harmony which sounds like shit and makes the listener want to kill "tool" and then later on kill himself, or feel sorry for himself and fall madly in love with anything with legs.......or a penis.
2. (noun) A medical condition in which a person loses all musical taste and developes a serious habit of looking up nasty shit on the computer and becomes compelled to share it with the world......while expecting to keep his dignity and no criticism froom others.........symptoms may be fuckin messed up hair, a very unusual upper anatomy, calling people stupid shit that doesnt make any sense i.e. "lust filled batards"....wtf???, and posting blogs which kill off the reader's brain cells after burning through their retnas.
3. (adjective) sounding like shit.....
(monkeywoman)-"I love tool"
(lust filled bastards)-"Tool fuckin sucks!!!"
(monkeywoman)-"yall are a bunch of lust filled bastards!!!"
(lust filled bastards)-"what the fuck is a lust filled bastard??" , "your so fuckin stupid...noone loves you!!!"
(monkeywoman) "actually, that is not entirely true, goatse loves me and i love harry potter manga anime fucked up lego starwars gay dog necropheliac porn......"and klatches"
(lust filled bastards) they start weeping because they do not have weird freakin fetishes that even the flying jim jim would look down upon......
(A suspicious timothy) kills monkeywoman and everyone lives happily ever after
by asiansarehxc September 07, 2005

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