3 definitions by asian stoner dude... yeah asians smoke weed too

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head, blowjob, face, dome.... (in spanish literally means head) pronounced cuh-bay-sa
yo dude that hott latin chick in my Spanish 2 class gave me some cabeza!!!!!! dude... me gusta mucho...
In the west coast, describing the nasty kind of weed that smells bad and sucks.. not a noun it's an adjective... commonly used in combination with "stress" and "hill billy chronic"..
dude that was some stale ass stress.. u smell the smoke.. its fucking stale... what are you trying to do?!?!?!?! kill me!!! yeah ur mom's face is haggard
used to describe the shitty weed that haggard people buy from other haggard people

dude im high right now but that weed was danky as fuck..

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