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4 definitions by asian inductee

An angry vagina with teeth. They are most commonly found in New England, USA if crossed paths with they will cut your freakin head off! Best to keep them in your pants or a jar made of penis'.
Holy shit! a wompacha bit off my friggin tongue, man i am never licking them again.
by Asian inductee April 02, 2010
10 0
When you get sperm all over your face and have someone lick it clean off.
Man, I was having sex with my boyfriend last nite and totally got cum all over my face then my girlfriend licked it off, orgasmic, what a splotter
by asian inductee June 05, 2010
6 2
A man is so in love with dicks he cant spend one minute without being next to one.
Dude some hobo I met, I thought he was cool, but he was just some lame Dick mongerer
by asian inductee June 05, 2010
10 10
A person who gets a sexual thrill from taking a dump.
Oh my god! I heard that bobby was a plook, damn he has no life!
by Asian inductee April 01, 2010
2 14