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Noun. Jelly own ee us badass bithches who are very slutty. this word describes people who love to jelly and they will get tats when they turn 18. they love to block their guy friends cock and they are the bestest friends. they like to go to the mall and pick up random hott guys. these people love to talk about jellying and become slightly obbsessed with jellying actually. They like to whisper in the hallway to eachother and they make rings for eacother that are black:)) they are cute and love to go clubbing and are excited for the slutty summer to arrive:)
Halie: hey bitch
Ashley: hey slut you wanna jelly tonight
Halie: yes DEFF but first we gotta block some cock
Ashley: ok that only takes a sec then we can get our tats
Halie: gosh tonight will be so JELLYONIOUS
by ashleyandhalie April 07, 2008

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