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the school where fuck-ups are accepted.
where the sluts, bitches, assholes and potheads go.
we got preps, ghetto black people, ghetto white people,
wannabes, goths, punks, guidos, emos, gays, lesbians and
anyone else you can classify, we got.
about a quarter of the school is on probation
we have about 3 or 4 fights a day
we have a football team that owns and cheerleaders who get owned...
most of us are just lucky to just pass our classes
we get niggas from like 13 different towns
we have a middle school anddd a jr high
our assistant principle got a dwi and crashed into a cop and was on tv on it.....
and their still our assistant principle...
words are created here that get stolen and moved to district to district.
we got 9 periods a day starting at fucking 7am -__-
everyone hates it here.
by ashley_loves_leppieeee November 15, 2009

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