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1 definition by ashley be

OMG Where to start. An anorexic, horse teeth, ho. She is dating someone like 9 years older than her. She cant sing/act/or dance. Always falls down. Isnt funny. Is a big poser. Tries to do rock music, but fails miserably. Her sister is fugly as hell, just like her. Is only singing cuz Disney gave her a recording contract. Is shallow. Turned down lizzie mcguire gay show cuz 25,000 an episode wasnt enough. yeah, id say shes a talentless, shallow, greedy, ho who needs to be shot.
Hilary Duff fan: Lykeeee omg Hilary is soo hot, she can totally sing. Im buying her record!

Example of a loser.
by ashley be August 24, 2006