275 definitions by ashley

word that describes Bobby, he completes me and i could not live without him.
Bobby, you are my everything
by Ashley May 19, 2004
Chick with major attitude. Also called a femiNazi, usually.
That chick is major majik.
by Ashley January 21, 2004
A weird feeling, one that can not be explained. Neither mad or happy, just in the middle.
If your friend hangs out with the guy ur talking to. you cant be pissed about it, cause its not that big of a deal, but at the same time ur not happy about it.
by Ashley November 10, 2003
sweaty ass
man i have swass from sitting to long
by Ashley September 21, 2003
When a female touches and rubs the male penis to give the male pleasure.
Oh he loved when i poked and stroked him!
by aShLeY April 09, 2003
a hot piece of ass that lives in KY.
ohhhh RC, I want to bone him hardcore.
by ashley February 13, 2005
GankTo Ejaculate.Also to "Cum"
"Damn, He just Ganked all over my hand.
by Ashley August 24, 2004
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