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A sum of money that would be significant to a normal person (i.e. $10,000), but that is a pittance to Mitt Romney.
Here in Iowa $10,000 is a lot of dough, but to Romney it was just a mittance.
by ashburyclowden January 14, 2012
A square of aluminum foil placed upon a surface to deter cats from walking on it.
After I saw John sitting on the closed lid of the record player I put a piece of aluminum foil on top of it to act as an antimacatter.
by ashburyclowden April 06, 2013
A novacane-induced downward drooping lip resulting from a visit to the dental office.
I went to the dentist with Andrea yesterday, and by the time they were done with her she had really bad case of Cheney face.
by ashburyclowden April 29, 2012

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