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A non-word utlized by bloggers because it sounds good. Often combining two words to form a new one.
My grammar is probably shiteous too.
by asexycoconut March 02, 2009
A person who hates or rejects those who are profane. According to the teachings of dualism, this person would likely be someone who is considered ideal.
Adam: I got a B today on my poetry project.
Janyce: GEEZ! You're so profane!
Adam: Danggg, stop being a profanahater!
by asexycoconut April 22, 2009
An indefinite way of asking are you back over text communication such as myspace, facebook and AIM. Pronunciation of this is so improbable that it is not used in speech, but at times after long trips or absences of individuals. Originating in southern California, hruiheuirwer has begun to spread to the greater North American continent and is expected to be common for blogs shortly.
Jamie: hruiheuirwer?
Adam: Yes, I missed you.
by asexycoconut March 02, 2009

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