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10 definitions by asessino

A boy who is in the fourth grade that attends Springfield Elementary on The Simpsons sitcom. His famous catch phrases are "Get bent","Eat my shorts", and "Ayy Caramba". Bart has been described by his sister as the devil's cabana boy. His hobbies are skateboarding,reading Radioactive Man Comics, and causing all types of fukin mischievous havoc on anyone he feels like.
Bart: Owwww! My bones are so brittle!, but I always drink plenty of Malk?
Milkcarton reads: With Vitamin R
by ASESSIno April 25, 2004
Ralph Wiggum. The stupidest character on The Simpsons.
It tastes like burning.
by ASESSINO January 30, 2004
In graffiti, its when someone slashes someone else and dosent bother to write his name next to the slash because they are lil' bitchez.
Fuk! Some fukn faggit busted a leva and slashed me!
by ASESSINO March 26, 2004