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The words that are programmed into your T9. Usually everyday words are already programmed in but you've always got to add the extra words that spice up your T9.
Dude: lol last night was freaking bzfsmmf.
Guy: dude what???
Dude: sorry this is a new phone. i dont have much of a t9 vocabulary yet.
by aseaisank July 07, 2009
A sophmore that has all the symptoms of the ever annoying freshman called a frosh. These symptoms are but are not limited to: ignorance, lack of balls, immaturity, big egos, retardation and being a total douche. They are usually male but these symptoms do occure in females.
Person One: Wow, that kid is a sophmore and he's acting more immature than this year's freshman.
Person Two: He's a total froshmore, man.
by aseaisank August 27, 2009
I sophmore in high school or college that still acts like an immature Freshman, lovinly known as froshes. Froshmores are usually male but can often be female too.
Terry: Wow that kid is soooo annoying. Is he a Freshman? I thought I remember him from last year.
Betty: No, he was a Freshman last year. He's a froshmore now. He hasn't changed at all.
by aseaisank August 27, 2009
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