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Þorgerður is an icelandic name which is *ttly* awesome and cool.
Fat women are usually named Þorgerður but there are a few thinner Þorgerðar in between.

It is possible to make alot of nicknames for Þorgerður, for example: Þogga, Þoggz, Togga, Tobba, Tobbz, Gerður, Gugga, Þegga, Horgerður, Þorgerður feita, and so on..
Hey Þoggz koddu að leika / Hey Þoggz come and play with me

Auj þarna er ÞOGGA DJAMM / Nice there is ÞOGGA PARTY

Þorgerður er skrýtin stelpa í MR / Þorgerður is a weird girl in MR

Ég elska Toggu því hún mjög töff / I love Togga because she is really cool
#Þorgerður #Þogga #tobba #feita #sexy #tobbz #hotmama
by asdis;) February 08, 2010
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