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the sexiest country singer alive
tim mcgraw is so sexy
by asdfjkl May 08, 2003
A state of absolute nothingness where you have no idea what you are doing with your life, you don't know what to think, and you don't even know how to function properly anymore. This is especially bad if your name is Deborah.
Deborah: "After I heard what Collin had to say, I was in a complete state of fub."
Deborah's friend: "Sucks to suck, Debs."
by ASDFJKL October 23, 2014
a smelly person
that stencha needs a shower
by asdfjkl April 29, 2003
a short little gay bald man who's head is so shiny it blinds you from the board. commonly mistaken as an english teacher, this man likes to shop at the mall with his husband
pruet is queer. queer is pruet.
by asdfjkl January 12, 2004
white tige
a black person wannabe
look at that wige, he dresses like hes black
by asdfjkl May 08, 2003
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