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Kids between the age of 13-22 who are full of themselves and feel superior because their music isn't mainstream and who will bash anything that's mainstream, even if it's something good. They tend to be arrogant and rude, and they think that they are just the coolest shit ever. They only listen to indie music and are hypocrites because while they bash the scene kids, they too all fall into a similar style by wearing tight jeans, faded colors, and converse. They also like short, dark hair for girls and longer hair for boys.

Indie-pop and indie are two majorly different things to them. Tell them that you like The Ting Tings or New Young Pony Club and they will laugh at you like the judgemental bastards that they are because that is not REAL indie you idiot.

They are way too caught up in music and it's their entire life. They will only be friends with you if you like their music, otherwise, no matter how friendly or funny or charming you are, they will hate you simply because of your subjective taste.

However, if you do manage to befriend an indie kid, it can be good because if they like you they will defend you to the death. They also can introduce you to lesser-known bands that will be forgotten in ten years and help you embrace the 'vintage' style of old plaid shirts and color palletes of gray and brown.
Person: Hey did you hear that blink 182 are getting back together and touring with Fall Out Boy? Isn't that great?!

Indie Kid: Tch fuck both those bands they suck and they're unoriginal and mainstream and I hate them even though I've only heard two songs from each on the radio and it will ruin my awesome indie kid image if I admit to even respecting or acknowledging them as artists.

Person: Well uh, they both kind of invented and furthered the pop-punk genre and will probably be remembered ten years from now so...uh what bands do you listen to?

Indie kid: -some random band that has ten hits on myspace and hasn't even released an EP- Fuck off so I can listen to my band without having to listen to your mainstream shit clogging my ears. You're a horrible person for liking certain music and I hate you even though I've just met you GOODBYE.

That's indie kids for you.
by asdfghjklasdfsgsyryhkry June 30, 2009

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