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A small town in north-eastern Massachusetts. There is only one public high school, good old NAHS, so you'll probably end up going there. It's a pretty sick school, it's new and big. NAHS is famous world-wide for the recent pot brownies incident which shut down the junior prom. North Andover is a pretty boring town, if you're a teenager there's pretty much nothing to do except go to parties every weekend. The people in North Andover are generally rich, so parents usually go away on vacations to Costa Rica or the Bahamas, leaving their bratty little kids to throw ragers while they're gone.

The kids in North Andover are generally alright, but you have your groups: annoying middle-schoolers, freshman, hoes, ghetto kids, asians, sheltered girls, druggies, jocks, popular girls, trashy girls, popular guys (usually the jocks), sexually active GSA (gay-straight alliance) group, and the edgy kids.
person 1: "Hey what town was on the news for the pot brownies again?"

person 2: "North Andover, duhh!"

person 1: "Of course it's North Andover!!"
by asdfghjkl33 April 10, 2011

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