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Lakcing ohysical or mentall keyvoard coordinatino; unable to type withouy repetaedly making mistakkes.
Nancy, don't you know how to type? You're so unkeyboardinated!
#clumsy #antiquated #inept #keyboard #mistype #noob #slow #type #typo
by Asdf Jkl; August 29, 2014
To explore urban environments while simultaneously working out via jogging, sprinting, jumping, diving, dodging, rolling, pulling, pushing, lifting, or dodging.
Urban exersploring may involve dumpster diving and running from security.
#workout #exploring #exercising #explore #exercise #work #out #adventure
by Asdf Jkl; September 03, 2012
A clock that, after having been bitten by a zombie, uses blood-coagulation rates to calculate approximately how long until you will become a zombie. When the clock finally counts down to 0:00:00, you are craving brains.
Better pull that trigger before her zombie clock hits zero....
#zombie #zombie time #zombie counter #zombie countdown #zombie cock
by Asdf Jkl; January 03, 2011
a tall skinny communist from denmark. he likes to eat his own crap out of the toilet. he likes fingering himself in the ass which causes him to have an extreme orgasm spilling cum all over himself. His penis is all messed up so his cum goes up his ass hole and he becomes pregnant. his baby is a little communist who he will name adolf hitler.
runo arrives with shit all over his mouth
runa arrives with shit all over his mouth
"hey guys, i just found out that i was pregnant"
"i accidentaly shot cum up my ass"
"yah i think ima name him adolf hitler"
"all u people from denmark are messed up, ur all damn communists"
"yah us denmarkians are fags arent we"
#denmark #cum #men #fags #daniel
by asdf jkl; April 18, 2008
a cody is a skinny woman trapped in a little boys body. cody often thinks taht he is extremely skilled at talking to girls but the ones that he can communicate with are the ones that already have boyfriends. one of the main characteristics of a cody are is very small penis and testicles. the girls he talks to finds this cute and cuddly because they dont have to deal with all that extra "baggage".
"why dont you quit being a cody and grow some balls"
"i have testicles, look"
"dude you have a hairy vagina"
"no look under the hair"
pushes the hair aside
"wat is that, a pin needle"
some girl "oh how cute and cuddly"
some guy "pull your pants up thats my girlfriend"
cody "sorry but its the only type of girls that i can communicate with"
#cute #cuddly #jaque #whipped #hairy vagina
by asdf jkl; April 18, 2008
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