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Do to me whatever you want; Give me your best shot; Tell me the worst; Try me.
"What did she say?"
"I don't think you'd like to hear that..."
"Rock me, Amadeus."
by Asaf June 19, 2005
Money. Usually a large amount of money.

Comes from the Hebrew word for money, which is -- unsurprisingly -- "kessef".
"I heard you were getting a promotion"
"Yes, that is true"
"What does it mean to you?"
"That I'll be walking home with the kessef"
by Asaf June 22, 2005
Talking on the phone while you're in the bathroom.

A play on words on "Voice Over IP", a technology that allows voice conversations via the internet or internet-based networks.
- "OK, hold on. This is gonna be Voice Over I Pee"
- "Gross, dude. I'll call you later."

"This is the works. You're now on Voice Over I Pee. AND I'm getting a blumpkin"
by Asaf February 04, 2010
The same as "stuka", only smaller and more compact.
"Hmmm, I can't seem to find a common function for these two stuchkas!"
by Asaf August 14, 2005
The act of letting the car slide while being on Neutral.
Gravity Drive is often used after accelerating and then shifting to Neutral, to save gas when critically needed.
"Boris, you're low on gas. You should consider Gravity Driving until we get to a gas station."
by Asaf August 14, 2005
A game of skill and dexterity involving tortoises.

(from "Guards! Guards!", a novel in the "Discworld" series by Terry Pratchett)
"I was up all night trying to figure out the idea behind Moules"
by Asaf August 14, 2005
(derived from the Russian language)
Stuka (pronounced "shtooka") is an ambiguous word for "a thing". Often something you cannot identify or define.

Stuka can mean anything from a small device (cellphone, electric wire) to a piece of heavy machinery.

A stuka smaller than a regular stuka is called a "stuchka". Means: "small stuka".
"Boris, what is this stuka?"

"Pavel, pass me over that stuka."

"This stuka is extremely useful, Ilya"

"This isn't a stuka. It's too small. It's a stuchka!"
by Asaf August 14, 2005
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