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a girl not of legal age whom dresses and acts like a whore
the mall is full of prostitots
by artytork April 19, 2009
saying good job to someone in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.
wow you finished fixing all the cars. smoothdick
by artytork April 27, 2009
a verb defining the act of making stupid words on a website
we all drank too much and we thought it would be fun to sqword. and it was
by artytork April 27, 2009
your friends girlfriend who has sex with you and all of your other friends. she is a really nice person
basil i have something to tell you. your girl is a sorrylut.
by artytork April 27, 2009
an adjective meaning not good. another word for sucks. garbage
you think your civic is fast. its mad poops
by artytork April 27, 2009

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