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the coolest way a white man can say "black person" without getting shot
"damn negro u got hops"
by arty ziff June 13, 2005
noun: some one who gets aroused while sleepin in a room with other guys
what a scriffle... look at him hes got a big boner while sleepin at a sleepover with his friends
by arty ziff June 07, 2005
the short version is obviously that abercrombie and fitch is a clothing company. it's hard not to be objective when i speak of this company because of personal beliefs that i have on certain issues. one reason i have for my dislike of a+f is their idea of advertising. i do not personally choose to support a company that sells their clothes by showcasing 90% naked men and women who often are engaging in sexual and homosexual acts. additionally, i find it ridiculous to shop there because of their over-priced, low-quality material, but you cannot fault them for charging a lot when people are willing to pay a lot. it's also ironic that the people who point out this over-pricedness are the same people that wear converses that cost 3 dollars to make including labor cost and pay 45 dollars for them because of the big star on the side of them.
i am not providing an example to avoid a stereotypical "i wear abercrombie and fitch and i am gay!" situation.
by Arty Ziff December 02, 2007
1) something that is weak or uncool

2) an impetent penis
dude that chick stripped for him and he still had a cold pocket...

man that new song is so cold pocket
by arty ziff July 03, 2005

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