2 definitions by arturo rosas

Football team that got lucky and actually made it to the super bowl, and lost disgracefully to the english patriots. Though they were winning at first the patriots were just fucking around with them until they got bored and started to beat the living shit outta there asses.
odds to making to the super bowl for the philadelphia,Eagles=1 in a 1000
by arturo rosas April 28, 2005
A trading card game based on a show where a little femined spikey haired faget named yugi plays a card game called duel monsters(yugioh in real life)and battles other nerds to unlock the secrets of the millenium puzzle(which I couldn,t give a shit about).In other words who ever collects yugioh is a loser who has no life whatso ever.
At my ghettoass school all these freakin nerds collect yugioh cards asking each other,"hey hey I,ll trade my dark magician for your blue-eyes-white dragon?will ya do it huh?will ya come on?" its so fucking aggravating u just wanna stick them in the face.
by arturo rosas May 02, 2005

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