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Using the output of one's female productive system to stupefy the world at large. Used to profound effect by tacky Sarah Palin.
Don't misundermenstruate Sarah Palin, she uses all of her babies as poster children.
We misunderestimated Bush, let us not misundermenstruate Sarah Palin.
by artfulmark July 12, 2009
Any of a variety of vulgar, white-trash, sluttish, vain, and self-serving activities by Former-Future-Step-Cougar-In-Law (and FOX News Skanker) Sarah Palin.
Quitting her elected position as Governor of Alaska to become a spokesmodel for FOX News is a horrid example of Sarahnormal Activity.

Palin's children and grandchildren are haunted day and night by Sarahnormal Activity, usually aimed at parading their misfortunes in public.
by artfulmark August 04, 2010
TeaTards are the political movement of backwoods whiteys headed by deceptress Sarah Palin. With a wink and some stillettos, they do whatever she commands. When reasonable people who are against tax-rate increases get stupefied by Sarah Palin, they become TeaTards.
"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and tell Sarah to go take a hike," shouted the throng against the TeaTards.

Those lower-middle-class honkies are so self-righteous, they are prime examples of TeaTards.
You might be TeaTards if you are dumb, white, dumb, and hateful.
by artfulmark February 16, 2010

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