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1. sarcastically agreeing with the previous statement;
2. meaning = not a chance; yea right; etc.
Person: (while looking at vomit) "That smells so good.. Nyup"

Girl with flat chest walks by..
Person: I wish my breasts were as big as hers.. nyup

Person A: (while looking at self in mirror in a dressing room wearing a dress that is 2 sizes too small she tells Person B) "I'll fit into this dress by Saturday."
Person B: "Nyup"

Person: Lindsay Lohan is a great role model.. nyup

Person: The world's going to end 12/21/12
Person B: NYUP

Kid playing instrument for first time
Mom:Sounds great hunny!!! .. nyup(says under breath)
by artartartar January 05, 2012

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