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11 definitions by arrow_keys

The dry condition black folks' skin gets in when they need some lotion.
Dayum I gettin all ashen. I need some Vasaline Intensive Care.
by arrow_keys September 14, 2005
A girl that is short and has a thick, big butt but is otherwise pretty skinny. They wear jeans a lot and they look really good in them.
Squatty body got it goin on.
by arrow_keys September 28, 2005
1. Christians who, in the classical sense of the word, reject the authority of the Roman Catholic Church and who believe that tradition, experience and reason should have equal roles in applying God's Word to their lives.

2. A class of people who, up until recently, were in charge of things in the United States. I often greedily wish this was the case still so I could get a leg up in this world.
1. Jan Hus was a protestant before there were Protestants.

2. Ah for the days of old when all you needed was to be a white anglo-saxon protestant male and the world could be your oyster.
by arrow_keys July 18, 2005
One of the most boring bands of all time. This band has a million songs and they all sound the same: sing along lyrics with scientific terms thrown in to show that the singer is one smart mofo.
I got dragged to a Bad Religion show in Austin in 1992 and hated every second of it.
by arrow_keys July 15, 2005