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chinese communists
look at those chicoms trying to become more capitalistic
by arrogant atheist August 28, 2003
A person who uses their silly, false, delusional, religion or theological beliefs and his/her nonexistant, fantasy sky dad called God to justify a moral, legal, or political view. This word created by the raving atheist.
That Godidiot Rick Santorum is against gay doing the sodomy thing. Basically, he thinks queers should be thrown in jail for being queers because an ancient, absurd book, the bible says so.
by arrogant atheist August 28, 2003
rappers who think they are not sell outs because they are "underground". Unable to sign with a major record studio. These people will usually eventually sell out, go bankrupt, or waste their meaningless lives complaining about how other rappers just talk about bling bling, hos, and cars.
Look at that underground rapper right there; I think he is a beggar or something
by arrogant atheist August 28, 2003
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