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When a woman is impregnated while participating in anal intercourse... Details are left to the imagination.
Bro 1: Dude, you know that girl Rachel?
Bro 2: Yeah man, I heard she got knocked up!
Bro 1: Yeah, and she said that I'm the father, but I just Butt-fucked her, since she had a nasty Kraken Snatch
Bro 2: you must have pulled a rusty bayonette!
by arr1029384756 September 04, 2011
When a vagina is loaded with a blunt object (usually a large dildo), and the blunt object is launched at a high velocity due to pressure buildup from a powerfull queef. May also be used with an alaskan pipeline
She hit me in the dome with her snatch-cannon
by arr1029384756 March 10, 2011

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